Cloud infrastructure for machine learning at scale

Deploy, manage, and scale machine learning models in production.

Serverless workloads


Respond to requests in real-time and autoscale based on in-flight request volumes.


Process requests asynchronously and autoscale based on request queue length.


Run distributed and fault-tolerant batch processing jobs on-demand.

Automated cluster management

Cluster autoscaling

Elastically scale clusters with CPU and GPU instances.

Spot instances

Run workloads on spot instances with automated on-demand backups.


Create multiple clusters with different configurations.

CI/CD and observability integrations


Provision clusters with declarative configuration or a Terraform provider.


Send metrics to any monitoring tool or use pre-built Grafana dashboards.


Stream logs to any log management tool or use the pre-built CloudWatch integration.

Built for AWS


Cortex runs on top of EKS to scale workloads reliably and cost-effectively.


Deploy clusters into a VPC on your AWS account to keep your data private.


Integrate with IAM for authentication and authorization workflows.

Discovering Cortex has been a lifesaver, it is servicing half a billion API calls each month for us. The ease with which we’ve been able to deploy Cortex has facilitated rapid development across our team, enabling us to meet the needs of our highly demanding customers.

Madison Bahmer - Two Six Technologies