Serverless infrastructure for AWS

Build scalable backends without managing cloud infrastructure.

Deploy containers as scalable microservices

Realtime APIs

Realtime APIs respond to requests in real-time and autoscale based on in-flight request volumes.

Batch APIs

Batch APIs run distributed and fault-tolerant batch processing jobs on-demand.

Async APIs

Async APIs process requests asynchronously and autoscale based on request queue length.

Reduce your AWS spend

Spot and reserved instance management

Cortex can run workloads on spot instances and fall back to on-demand instances to ensure reliability.

Multi-instance type clusters

Choose the ideal instance type for your workloads or mix and match several instance types in the same cluster.

Customizable autoscaling

Optimize the autoscaling behavior for each workload to ensure efficient resource utilization.

Forget about resource limits, cold starts, and timeouts

No resource limits

Allocate as much CPU, GPU, and memory as each workload requires.

No cold starts

Keep a minimum number of API replicas running to ensure that requests are handled in real-time.

No timeouts

Run workloads for as long as you want.

Improve developer productivity

Serverless compute

Deploy any container without managing infrastructure.

Observability integrations

Monitor your workloads with pre-built dashboards or create custom ones.

Programmable deployments

Deploy programmatically from any CI/CD tool.

Local debugging

Debug your code locally before deploying to your cluster.


Expose APIs as HTTP or gRPC endpoints.

Traffic splitting

Configure A/B tests and shadow pipelines.

Create a cluster on your AWS account


Cortex runs on top of EKS to scale workloads reliably and cost-effectively.


Cortex automatically manages SQS queues for batch and async APIs.

EC2 Auto Scaling

Cortex automatically provisions EC2 instances to handle any workload.


Cortex deploys into a VPC on your account so your data stays private.


Cortex integrates with IAM to simplify authentication and authorization.


Cortex connects to public or private Docker container registries.

Build scalable backends faster

Discovering Cortex has been a lifesaver, it is servicing half a billion API calls each month for us. The ease with which we’ve been able to deploy Cortex has facilitated rapid development across our team, enabling us to meet the needs of our highly demanding customers.
Madison Bahmer - Two Six Technologies