Cost-effective serverless computing at scale

Cortex is a serverless platform for compute-intensive applications.


Cluster autoscaling

Let Cortex spin up more instances when load grows and spin them down when not in use.

Workload autoscaling

Customize the autoscaling behavior of each workload to ensure efficient use of cluster resources.


Any workload

Define custom Python functions or containers and deploy them as realtime, async, and batch workloads.

Any pipeline

Chain workloads seamlessly to create custom data pipelines.


Structured logging

Automatically stream logs from every workload to your favorite log management tool.

Metrics aggregation

Monitor your workloads with pre-built Grafana dashboards and add your own custom dashboards.


Spot instance management

Spend less on EC2 instances by letting Cortex manage spot instances.

Multi-instance type clusters

Configure resources per workload to run each workload on the right hardware.

Frequently asked questions

Discovering Cortex has been a lifesaver, it is servicing half a billion API calls each month for us. The ease with which we’ve been able to deploy Cortex has facilitated rapid development across our team, enabling us to meet the needs of our highly demanding customers.
Madison Bahmer - Two Six Technologies