Cluster configuration

The Cortex cluster may be configured by providing a configuration file to cortex cluster up or cortex cluster update via the --config flag (e.g. cortex cluster up --config=cluster.yaml). Below is the schema for the cluster configuration file, with default values shown (unless otherwise specified):

# cluster.yaml
# AWS credentials (if not specified, ~/.aws/credentials will be checked) (can be overridden by $AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID and $AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY)
aws_access_key_id: ***
aws_secret_access_key: ***
# optional AWS credentials for the operator which may be used to restrict its AWS access (defaults to the AWS credentials set above)
cortex_aws_access_key_id: ***
cortex_aws_secret_access_key: ***
# EKS cluster name for cortex (default: cortex)
cluster_name: cortex
# AWS region
region: us-west-2
# S3 bucket (default: <cluster_name>-<RANDOM_ID>)
bucket: # cortex-<RANDOM_ID>
# List of availability zones for your region (default: 3 random availability zones from the specified region)
availability_zones: # e.g. [us-west-2a, us-west-2b, us-west-2c]
# instance type
instance_type: m5.large
# minimum number of instances (must be >= 0)
min_instances: 1
# maximum number of instances (must be >= 1)
max_instances: 5
# instance volume size (GB) (default: 50)
instance_volume_size: 50
# CloudWatch log group for cortex (default: <cluster_name>)
log_group: cortex
# whether to use spot instances in the cluster (default: false)
# see for additional details on spot configuration
spot: false

The docker images used by Cortex are listed below. They can be overridden to use custom images by specifying them in your cluster configuration file.

You can follow these instructions to build and push custom Docker images to a registry and configure Cortex to use them.

# docker image paths
image_python_serve: cortexlabs/python-serve:0.15.0
image_python_serve_gpu: cortexlabs/python-serve-gpu:0.15.0
image_tf_serve: cortexlabs/tf-serve:0.15.0
image_tf_serve_gpu: cortexlabs/tf-serve-gpu:0.15.0
image_tf_api: cortexlabs/tf-api:0.15.0
image_onnx_serve: cortexlabs/onnx-serve:0.15.0
image_onnx_serve_gpu: cortexlabs/onnx-serve-gpu:0.15.0
image_operator: cortexlabs/operator:0.15.0
image_manager: cortexlabs/manager:0.15.0
image_downloader: cortexlabs/downloader:0.15.0
image_request_monitor: cortexlabs/request-monitor:0.15.0
image_cluster_autoscaler: cortexlabs/cluster-autoscaler:0.15.0
image_metrics_server: cortexlabs/metrics-server:0.15.0
image_nvidia: cortexlabs/nvidia:0.15.0
image_fluentd: cortexlabs/fluentd:0.15.0
image_statsd: cortexlabs/statsd:0.15.0
image_istio_proxy: cortexlabs/istio-proxy:0.15.0
image_istio_pilot: cortexlabs/istio-pilot:0.15.0
image_istio_citadel: cortexlabs/istio-citadel:0.15.0
image_istio_galley: cortexlabs/istio-galley:0.15.0